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October 2017, Volume 11, Issue 10


Well, it appears that moving to the new server has created a series of new problems.
The company that hosts our web site was more optimistic than they should have been in describing "how easy" it would be to move us to a new server. They seem to have overlooked a series of problems that they are now trying to solve. We aplogize for the inconveniences we know this has been causing. They are still working to get everything straightened out, and we are finally optimistic that they will conquer these problems. Thank you again for your patience.

NY Next Generation Standards

According to, in September 2017 the New York Board of Regents voted to drop the Common Core name in favor of "Next Generation Learning Standards" with a roll out in September 2020.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MathBits web site:
Beginning Java Programming w/ Math Flair is up and running. Our past CD resources have been updated to the Eclipse IDE and enhanced with more mathematical items. The resources are now in subscription form (the CD is no longer available). In addition, the free Java lesson site,, is also open. Keep in mind that in many states, including NY, computer programming can serve as a mathematics graduation requirement (after the required course(s) is (are) met.)

What to do about PreCalc?
We initially began this on-line adventure over a decade ago excited about offering materials for PreCalc and Calculus. Well, as you can see, we got pointed in different directions for a multitude of reasons. But we are finally ready to seriously start work on PreCalculus. But, we ran into a bit of a dilemma regarding what type of curriculum (if any) will we follow. We really don't like Engage NY's rather "odd" curriculum. We wonder if the CLEP curriculum will be too specific? We like a combination of the curricula that our personal schools followed. We asked our followers regarding PreCalc topics and received a wide variety of answers. The more we plan, the "wider" the curriculum gets: covering typical College Algebra, Discrete Math, and true Pre-Calculus courses with a few other topics thrown in. Our final decision on an outline is still up for consideration.

UPDATE! Notebook for Junior Level for grades 6-8 is OPEN (partially complete).
The remaining topic sections will open as they are finished and proof read. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to stay ahead of your course work throughout the year.
The JrMath Notebook sections will be Common Core compatible, and any specific changes from the new "draft" NY changes will be addressed.

UPDATE! The first of the new Junior level "On-LIne Quiz" options are available.
We plan to expand this feature to all four levels. Students can take the on-line quiz and get a hardcopy to hand-in or email the results directly to their teacher. We will be aiming for at least one quiz in each main topic section.

New OS for TI-84 Plus CE (version 5.3)
Be sure to update your handheld and your TI-SmartView for the TI-84 Plus Family Software.
• a new Piecewise template under MATH Menu
prints on Y= screen like a textbook display and the graph is clear and nice.
• Under TEST, a new entry called Conditions
• New programming (coding) menu
• Sequence Editor Updates (set MODE to SEQ and enter sequence function)

Upgrade to 5.3

Find Directions on How to Update:

TI-Nspire CX updates to OS version 4.5


Live long and love math,
Fred and Donna


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